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CompuTech City Top Blog Post

CompuTech City’s Top Blog Posts from 2017

by CompuTech City Admin Thursday, 04 January 2018 CompuTech City Blog

From protecting your business from email spoofs to protecting your laptop from toddlers, 2017’s most popular blog topics were all over the board. Here’s a list of your favorite CompuTech City blog posts in 2017. If you missed one, this is your chance to read it – or to read it again!

1. Want to Go Mobile? Make Sure Your Device Management Software Has These 3 Features: How to make sure mobile devices are secure and have the necessary data available for your employees.

2. The Most Popular Domains Make the Biggest Targets for Email Spoofing: Just one wrong click can infect your entire network. Here are the best ways to prevent email spoofing.

3. 4 Ways to Maybe Get Work Done on Your Laptop with a Toddler Nearby: How to work from home even if your toddler says, “Mine!” when they see your laptop.

4. Simple Device Turns Your Car Into a Wi-Fi Hotspot: Increase your car’s intelligence and your online access with this simple device that connects to your car’s diagnostic port.

5. How Software License Mismanagement Can Hurt Your Bottom Line: Make sure you read the small print on your software licenses – some of it can be pretty wacky.

6. Practices to Improve Time Management: Planning, simplifying and eliminating distractions go a long way in making sure you have enough hours in your day.

Here at CompuTech City, we’re looking forward to a stellar 2018 together. Check out our blogs to stay current with the latest in technology. Happy New Year!

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