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CompuTech City Selects DataCore Software's

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18Apr, 2012
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CompuTech City Selects DataCore Software's

CompuTech City was an early adopter of storage virtualization technology. When the company expanded its services to include a software-as-a-service (SaaS) Electronic Medical Records (EMR) solution, they found that their existing storage solution was not up to the challenge. The company's most critical requirement was high availability, something the previous solution did not consistently offer.

"We had a lot of feature and support issues with our previous storage virtualization solution," Patel said. "And it was not very scalable. We were eager to get rid of it." The company had already built a robust server virtualization infrastructure, so SANsymphony-V's ability to create a storage virtualization environment from existing equipment and storage devices made it a "no-brainer" according to Patel.

Furthermore, DataCore's pass-through functionality made migration completely painless by sparing CompuTech's IT team from having to re-copy terabytes worth of data. "The non-disruptive migration that DataCore's pass-through feature gave us was a godsend," said Patel. "We were back up and running with a very, very limited amount of downtime."

Easy to Manage Availability, Performance, Scalability, and Flexibility CompuTech City now relies on DataCore as the cornerstone of its SaaS healthcare IT model. The company's EMR solution, with DataCore at the heart of the virtualized environment, currently supports 800 users. At least 100 doctors connect to the system on a daily basis in order to schedule their patients, to review and update their medical records, as well as to bill them.

Onsite synchronous mirroring between Computech City's DataCore servers provide the high-availability and business continuity demanded by HIT customers. In addition to high-availability, the system delivers improved performance, tremendous storage hardware flexibility, and effortless scalability through a combination of Dell PowerVault MD 1000s and MD 3000s, comprising sixty disks in total - thirty on one side and thirty on the other. They also have a mix of serial advanced technology attachment (SATA) drives.

"The great thing is that with DataCore running we don't have to wait for a weekend to make system changes," said Patel. "We simply shut one side down and the redundant system takes over seamlessly without any interruption to service - all during business hours."

DataCore's high-speed, Level-1 caching has significantly improved the performance of CTC's virtualized environment, according to Patel, who added that he now sees storage I/O speeds of 270-300 Mbps - double what the company got before - a difference he described as "astronomical."

Patel also lauded the flexibility and scalability of SANsymphony-V: "DataCore has given us enormous flexibility in terms of hardware independence," he said. "For us, it has been fantastic. I can throw any disks under the system without any degradation in performance or availability, so we can use all the disk drives we have and choose the best storage hardware deals for expansion."

Both a Customer and a Value-Added Provider of DataCore Solutions Patel said that the simplicity and intuitive design of the SANsymphony-V management console were important reasons why CompuTech City wanted to bring the benefits of storage virtualization to its infrastructure and cloud computing clients as a value-added reseller. "We were fascinated by what DataCore brought to us as a customer and quickly realized that its capabilities are vital to the vertical market we serve - even if the concept of a highly available SAN might be new to our customers," said Patel. "The benefits of software-based storage virtualization are just too numerous for us not to bring DataCore SANsymphony-V into our established client base and into new accounts as we move forward."

About CompuTech City Founded in 2003, CompuTech City (CTC) provides IT infrastructure management services with a primary focus on Healthcare Information Technology (HIT). Their services encompass the planning, optimization, integration and management of customer-premises infrastructures; healthcare-oriented cloud computing; and a wide range of medical services such as billing, transcription, and a software-as-a-service (SaaS) Electronic Medical Records (EMR) solution hosted in the company's own data center. Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, the company employs over 400 people in the U.S. and India. For more detail Click here

About DataCore Software DataCore Software develops storage virtualization software leveraged in virtual and physical IT environments to obtain high availability, fast performance and maximum utilization from storage. DataCore's SANsymphony-V storage hypervisor is a comprehensive, yet hardware-independent solution which fundamentally changes the economics of provisioning, replicating and protecting storage for large enterprises and small to midsize businesses. For additional information, visit the DataCore website at or call (877) 780-5111.

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