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Medicus IT's Project Management team upholds all of your visions and goals until completion of any project that you're taking on, whether large or small. All tasks and possible outcomes are evaluated and resources are used accordingly to prevent wasted hours and timeline delays.


IT ConsultingOur organization comes equipped with decades of experience in the planning and implementation of powerful IT systems. From servers and workstations to communication solutions, Medicus IT has the answers to all your technical needs.

Hardware & Software

hardware and software solutionsLet us use our knowledge and research to determine what hardware or software is best suited for your business' needs, so you don't have to. With our partnership with vendors, Dell and Microsoft, we can give you competitive pricing on Workstations, Servers, and Software Licensing.

Project Management

project managementMedicus IT's project management team upholds all of your visions and goals until the completion of your projects. All tasks are evaluated and resources are used accordingly in order to provide the best and most efficient approach. 

HIPAA Compliance

hipaa complianceTo ensure that your practice's IT meets the criteria of the various regulatory bodies that govern patient and financial information, we have years of experience and a thorough understanding of HIPAA/HITECH, among other regulatory laws.

New Office Set Up

new office setupIf you're opening a new practice, Medicus IT will ensure that your practice will have proper workflow and we will work closely with all of your selected vendors to make sure your new start is a smooth one.

Office Move

office moveIs your business growing? The process of moving your office is just like any other process, it's easily broken down into separate tasks. We can utilize your current infrastructure and workflows to expand into your new facility. Our experience allows us to give accurate recommendations on any hardware that may be needed during an office move. Moving is stressful enough, so we are there to alleviate any issues that may arise regarding technology.

"We opened 3 locations and Medicus IT gave us the best advice on adopting the latest technology and designing our multi-location network. After 10 years of service, we have not had any complains. The best & most prompt IT company we’ve worked with!" - Parsons Medical Center

Network Security

Network security solutionsMedicus IT utilizes Dell Security products to provide you with the latest and greatest in Network technology. We make sure that per HIPAA standards -- intrusion prevention, gateway anti-virus/anti=spyware, content/URL filtering are all a part of your networking procedures. Our solutions ensure that your business bandwidth needs are utilized properly by throttling less valuable processes.

Infrastructure Review

Infrastructure reviewMedicus IT provides comprehensive IT infrastructure solutions for large and small scale practices. By utilizing our partners and resources we can recommend the best solutions for your business objectives.

Medical Transcription

Medical transcription servicesWe utilize a state-of-the-art secured infrastructure, the latest dictation technology, and a well-qualified staff that uses high-end software technologies to provide end-to-end solutions for medical transcription, which helps the clientele save up to 60% of their cost. Our Medical Transcription service frees you from having the large overhead of in-house transcription, and with toll free telephone dictation, or handheld digital device dictation, we can provide you our services no matter your location.

Implementation (EMR)

EMR ImplementationOur EHR Implementation provides an in-depth analysis of your practice workflow, reviews current processes, design of a workflow for your new system, and delivers full Go-Live expertise.


EncryptionMedicus IT partners with DESlock+ to offer you the best in encryption software. It's Full Disk Encryption (FDE) and removable media encryption covers your compliance issues, to prevent lost or stolen computers from having their data fall into the wrong hands.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile device managementBring Your Own Device (BYOD)- Either personal or company provided a trend that is growing for businesses. You can enjoy the benefits of remote connectivity without worrying about security risks. We have the ability to setup personal or company phones quickly and easily with LabTech -- the same technology we use for all of your computers.

Vendor Management

Vendor managementConstantly working with vendors, we've built relationships with some of the biggest names in the Healthcare industry. We can help you select the right vendor for your business' need. We help mitigate risk, minimize potential business disruption, while obtaining the most value from the vendors.


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