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Our Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services provide ease of mind, as we possess resources and expertise to increase your revenue and allow you to focus on patient care. We offer full management of your medical billing process by implementing an all-inclusive service model.

Account Management

Orlando Managed Services  - CompuTech CityOur account managers and staff members provide consulting services, and are available round the clock to answer questions. They have combined 30 years of experience in the billing industry.

Insurance Verification

Insurance verificationOur comprehensive insurance verification service is strategically designed to reduce claim time, resulting in revenue increase. Our efforts start two (2) days prior to patient's visit by verifying co-pay, plan date coverage, and deductible requirements.


Reports managementWe generate reports targeted to provide vital information to your organization. These periodical reports help track your company's progress, monitor goals, and give you a better understanding of the effectiveness of your operations.

Referral & Authorization

referral and authorizationWith many years of experience in the medical billing industry, our staff knows the necessary steps to ensure the authorization approval for patient's referrals and procedures.

"Exceeded my expectations! This service has taken a huge load off my office staff and my revenue has increased significantly since it started. Your staff response time is quick and always helpful, I would highly recommend it" - First Choice Urgent Care

Charge & Payment Posting

Charges and payment posting servicesCharges specify the patient's liability related to the service received; charge amounts are determined by the procedure code entered. We gather and verify all coding information required for processing. Our system allows clients to access claim information securely from any location. Within, we administer insurance payment posting, claim information, and claim related data.

Patient Statement

Patient statementPatient statements are posted in the system for secure client access, allowing them to collect 94% of the claim charges submitted. Other claim related information is available as well.

AR Management

AR ManagementAccounts Receivable management conducts follow ups on claMeditab on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Our dispatch files appeals and disputes claMeditab, saving you valuable time and money. 


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