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Security as a Service

SECURITY AS A SERVICE (SECaaS) provides essential security elements to protect you from cyber-attacks, natural disasters and innocent employee actions. Our SECaaS packages a next-generation firewall with an all-inclusive security suite, mobile security, system management and reporting, and 24/7 support.

Virus Protection

Virus ProtectionAntivirus protection is a staple in today’s security solutions. Medicus IT’s certified Healthcare IT technicians constantly update virus definitions to keep your business protected.

Malware Protection

Malware ProtectionBy developing and establishing a relevant malware policy and anti-malware defenses, you will be able to rest easy knowing your network is being scanned for malware across all devices.

Firewall Intrusion Prevention & Detection

Firewall Intrusion prevention & DetectionWith continuous monitoring, Medicus IT analyzes logs for unusual activity to detect firewall intrusions & prevent them from happening. This strategy along with supporting policies ensure any firewall intrusions are found and stopped before doing damage to your systems.

Disk Encryption

Disk EncryptionBy converting data into undecipherable code, your data is protected from unauthorized users. Every bit of data is encrypted and stored on a disk. The data is protected even when an OS is not active. Full Disk Encryption (FDE) and removable media encryption cover your compliance issues.

Secured E-mail

Secured EmailBy encrypting email messages to internal or external recipients, the information contained within the email is protected from unauthorized users. Healthcare providers receive emails from patients every day. Encrypted emailing can increase patient retention and improve quality of care.

IT Manual

IT ManualMedicus IT’s SECaaS service includes a comprehensive manual to guide your organization through the IT jungle so you know what actions to take when faced with any treat.

"We opened 3 locations and Medicus IT gave us the best advice on adopting the latest technology and designing our multi-location network. After 10 years of service, we have not had any complains. The best & most prompt IT company we’ve worked with!" - Parsons Medical Center

Datto Services

Datto ServicesAs a Datto global partner, Medicus IT provides top-notch security services that keeps your practice as healthy as you keep your patients. Image-based backup along with cloud backups help you eliminate downtime while giving you peace of mind.

Risk Assessment

Risk AssessmentHIPAA requires a security management process which includes a risk analysis to identify threats and vulnerabilities to electronic protected health information (ePHI) and implementing security measures to mitigate or remediate identified risks.

Business Continuity

Business ContinuityTo make sure you stay operational, our Backup/Disaster Recovery Device (BDR) backs up your data every 15 minutes, and if a server malfunctions, it assumes the role of that server while still performing incremental backups. This means your network is still up while your server is being fixed. This provides a complete fail-safe for your servers, and if disaster strikes you can work of off the cloud.

Crypto Prevention

Crypto PreventionBecause there’s a huge gap between traditional security solutions and protecting companies from the onslaught of new and emerging ransomware and malicious software threats, crypto prevention supplements existing security with a robust antivirus/antimalware software.

DNS & IP Layer Enforcement

DNS and IP Layer enforcementWhen more than half of the PCs in the nation’s organizations are mobile, they need to be protected in the office and outside of the office. DNS with IPS overlay is cloud-based network security answer that protects laptops and mobile devices from domain attacks as well as direct IP connections.

User Education

The first layer of prevention lies with your employees as they are regularly exposed to phishing attempts and viruses. Ongoing security training teaches users to beware of suspicious emails, safeguard login information and protect data with secure protocols.


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